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Gulf Breeze PropertiesGulf Breeze is one of the beautiful suburbs of Pensacola and resides on the Fairpoint Peninsula. A quiet residential town in the Florida Panhandle, Gulf Breeze sits right across from Pensacola and is the only connection to Santa Rose Island. Settled in the early 1900s, Gulf Breeze is a small beach town with a thriving fishing community closely entangled with Pensacola and surrounding fisheries. Many residents who own Gulf Breeze FL real estate have enjoyed beautiful summers with balmy year-round weather. Gulf Breeze has an eclectic community and was once recognized for several UFO sightings in 1987, known simply as the Gulf Breeze UFO Incident. A large portion of Gulf Breeze includes the Naval Live Oaks reservation. Gulf Breeze FL homes are situated in and around inlets, woodlands and beach property.


Gulf Breeze HomesWith natural views of the beach on both sides, Gulf Breeze is a suburb peninsula right across from big city Pensacola and the smaller Pensacola Beach. Residents in this area enjoy picturesque neighborhoods located right on the water. Gulf Breeze real estate is one of the premier locations in the Florida Panhandle. With several coves, natural parks and a large reservation, much of the growth in Gulf Breeze is on the edge of the peninsula. Gulf Breeze homes for sale offer a lot to new residents because of the family friendly atmosphere and outdoor fun environment. With highly acclaimed schools in the Santa Rosa School District, a large zoo and local boutiques, real estate in Gulf Breeze offers a lot of activities for both families and individuals. With a big arts and seafood community, performing arts centers can be found in this small residential beach town while there are also abundant gourmet seafood fare hot spots.

Several recreational areas and parks can be found around Gulf Breeze homes. The Gulf Breeze Zoo is one of the more famous attractions with 50 acres of zoo land that includes hundreds of animals, free range preserve, CP Huntington train and holiday events like Boo at the Zoo and Zoo Lights for winter holidays. Gulf Breeze is also home to various inlets and Butcherpern Cove, where many upscale Gulf Breeze properties can be found. A Gulf Breeze home buyer can definitely be impressed with the waterfront properties found along the cove. Woodland Park and Shoreline Park are scenic areas located right on Pensacola Bay in the north and English Navy Cove to the south.

Attraction and Events

Gulf Breeze Real EstateMost entertainment in Gulf Breeze can be found along Gulf Breeze Parkway, the long stretch of road that runs from Pensacola on the mainland, through Gulf Breeze and out to Pensacola Beach. Homes for sale in Gulf Breeze are located near plenty of things to do as well as historical points of interest. Along this thoroughfare, there are renown seafood fare stops, including The Grand Marlin,Hemingway's Island Grill,Flounder's Chowder House and Santino's Gulf Breeze. Other entertainment can be found in Dolphin Square or just 15 minutes away at the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk.

Gulf Breeze has a thriving artist community with several performing houses nearby including the Pensacola Opera, Pensacola Symphony, Pensacola Little Theatre and Gulf Breeze Arts, Inc. Gulf Breeze is also home to the Broadway Lights Dance Center off Gulf Breeze Parkway, a studio for beginner and advanced dancers. Many productions are held at the highly acclaimed Gulf Breeze High School.

Any Gulf Breeze property can be viewed online with listings hat show high quality photos, property size, special features and pricing. Touring with a Gulf Breeze real estate agent provides an even closer to the communities in this area as well as historic and local folklore spots.

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